Boost Your Knowledge with LinkedIn Learning

by Ayça K. Fackler

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Have you heard about LinkedIn Learning? In this post, I will walk you through some important features of LinkedIn’s user-friendly online learning environment. 

This online learning portal offers personalized learning experiences. You can choose courses that interest you. The platform includes a wide variety of topics, from NVivo training to the neuroscience of learning.

The custom video player allows you to easily move through the videos, making the best use of your time. My favorite tool is the 10 second rewind function. It is super useful when you want to jump back to review something you just missed.

Each video comes with a transcript, video content, overview of lessons, skill level (beginner, intermediate, etc.), and notebook where you can take some notes while listening to lessons. Videos can be viewed offline as well. You can also switch a video to an audio, too, if you prefer.

In the training and education section, you can search for many topics, including e-learning, educational technology, higher education, instructional design, teaching, K-12 Education, and more.

Do you want to learn more about the common core K-12 standards? I strongly recommend you check out this video:

Or if you are interested in creating a winning grant proposal in science education, here is a LinkedIn Learning video about grant writing:

I hope you enjoy this post. Get started exploring what LinkedIn Learning has to offer!  

Thanks for reading, and happy learning. 

I would like to thank Carlson Coogler, my sister in research, for her suggestions on this post.